Honey, I'm home!


Hello english blog of mine! I was so stuck on other places that I totally have forgotten you! Sorry! I even forgot my login email, how bad is that! So, when I almost forgotten about your existence, I made a sister for you :D She's a malay blog and she's kinda cranky. Lately I gotta give full attention to her because she's still a baby you see. For human, it's like breastfeeding. So that's why I gotta keep on feeding her, if you catch my drift.

Dear Pepe (pronounce: PP),
You can visit your little sister here. She's entering a beauty contest. Do vote for her ok :) The dateline is until 10th of March 2011. Lets hope there are still readers in here who can help us win. Please and thank you in advance!

p/s: I still think you're the prettiest blog in the block, if I was a better mother (and still remember you), I would've entered you for the beauty pageant.  Love you, Pepe.
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