The big bad wolf



The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale is invading Amcorp Mall, PJ until 2nd of December. If you're a bookworm lover, you may call this place 'heaven'. It was for me, just that I couldn't find any authors that I know. Being surrounded by books, you know you gotta buy something or else you'll regret it! I think all of the story books are priced at RM8 each. Bigger, thicker books might be RM10-RM20. But hey, that's cheap for books that used to be RM50-RM100++. RM3 magazines but of course they're the previous issues. Didn't get any cuz I was totally rambang mata. Couldn't decide. In my arms were 4 books, I wanted to add more but then I was like, can't read it now or this week, got test! Then, shouldn't exceed budget! I saw lots of people with boxes. They put all the books they wanna buy and seriously, that's a lot! Dictionaries, biographies, fictions, non-fictions, cookbook (almost everything is RM8 WTF) name it. They're all there just gotta find it properly. Here's a tip.

You can't always stay in your comfort zone, buying books only from the authors you know. Try buying other author's books. Experience their different views and storylines. Cuz there are no 2 stories of the same uh, situation. Intro, climax, ending, that sort of things  alike.
Careless is the only story book that I bought. The rest are more to funny stuffs and diet. DIET! I hope I'll get motivated after this. Toodles~

p/s: so do you think cows can walk down stairs? I know the answer :P ALSO! The answer to "egg or chicken, which one came first"? HAHAHA.


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

weeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh murah gila tahap bangang! hahaha.
tapi my life too busy and to buy new books right now isnt a good idea. karang tak baca pula?
but kalau tak beli rugi.
so how ???

Aezlika said...

beli je yang cook book best dowh rm5 to rm8 mostly..mcm superb ah

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

ahh i want to go..but nobody bring me go..
thou i heard from my friend there were tons of people there and the counter line was going around the place. haha.

Aezlika said...

got lrt taman jaya near by :D and ooohh luckily when i was about to pay, there was no line hahaha

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