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I was chatting away with a friend when I realised the conversation starts to get all stressed up because I insisted to give him an advice. Which I don’t even know if I’m fit to give any.

The reason God gave us life was...

...not to waste it away and enjoy life to the fullest. Being materialistic and always think of the negative side of life certainly is not how we should appreciate what has been given to us. Why can’t we enjoy ourselves and make others happy, last? He ask. I said, “sounds selfish”. And yeah, I hate selfish people. Because I realised that I always put others 1st, and myself last. I’m used to please and make others happy and I hope for nothing in return. Just worthy companions that I can always rely on. Some might think that all the deeds that one has made is utterly useless since there are no good results that can be seen or achieved. Well, what more can you ask for when the sole purpose of doing the deed is just to get rewarded? Deeds are made to pay back for our wrongdoings and God may reward us with his blessings while we’re still alive or when we’ve stepped over to the other side.

That friend is down with an illness, that may have no cure. He always complains about how life is unfair. He said, he made all the deeds before he was sick and this is what he got. Totally unfair. Well, you did it for all the wrong reasons, my friend. You still have a life to live, you’re still able to breathe air and enjoy life. But that doesn’t mean you have all the rights the enjoy yourself and neglect your responsibility to God just because you’re sick. That doesn’t mean you should be selfish and not care of other people’s feelings. THAT certainly doesn’t mean you can whine about your weaknesses and do nothing to improve it.

When one gave up on life, he has lost his way and only he can save himself from being drowned.



PeJuAnG HiDup said...

stuju btul ngn kata2 aezlika tu. walaupun sakit truk ka, malang btulka, hidup x adilkah, tak patut kita mnjauhkan dri dari tuhan.

harap kawan aezlika dapat hidayah dari tuhan...

Aezlika said...

yup2..tu la pasal..tapi dia still degil and keep on asking why and why and why..sampai rasa da penat nak bebel ngan dia. atleast i da bgtau apa yang patut..its his choice to decide apa yang dia patut buat kan..

PeJuAnG HiDup said...

beruntung kwn aezlika koz da kwn mcm aezlika ni. ada setengh kwn tu, klu senang berkawan ngn kita. tp, bila sush, kwn mnjauhkan diri.

tp, sy yakin aezlika bkn kwn gtu kn? xpa aez. yg pnting aez da nasihat dia. dah mengajak kebaikan dan mencegah keburukan.

ceh, pa la aku mengarut pg2 buta ni.

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

meh aku tempeleng beliau..hehe kasik la phone number ke..or letak muke dia ke..heheh kem salam wehh hahaha

ok aku siyes. dia perlukan ko, please jgn gv up dari nasihat ok.

Aezlika said...

neo: ko nak phone number dia ke? t la aku kasi..ish gatal..xleh give up dari nasihat ke..tapi nanti dia lak yang lebih2 emo..aku x reti pujuk la

† Đ˜ICHOLAS † said...

i agree with what you say girl :)

we do good stuff without hoping anything in return ... that's the fun part of life :) share something with your friend and love one, you'll eventually find the fun and good part of life. without knowing it sometime :)

† Đ˜ICHOLAS † said...

i agree with what u wrote :)

well, basically we always do things with no hope of any returns. if you do somethin with the hope of return. then ... keep dreaming la xD

sometime... when u share somethin or do something good without expecting anything. it will some how turn out, WAU! =)

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