Love: The beginning of a new life


Endless love by Glee cast. Watch Glee, the best tv series ever! Alongside with Gossip Girl :3

From our (the girls) point of view:

1. Honesty is what a good relationship needs. When you’ve just started dating, don’t cling too much on each other, give time and space so that you won’t get bored too soon.

2. Girls usually will want to ‘break up’ (yes, we love threatening you for break ups) when we’re in a fight with our partners but we don’t really mean it. We just want you to stop arguing and tell us you love us, that you’ll never let us go.

3. We love all the things you do for us, even the littlest things. We acknowledge your effort but sometimes we won’t tell you because we don’t want Mr. Big Ego to come out.

4. Never ever make us cry, because if you really love us, that’s the last thing you would want to happen.

5. Understand our condition when Mr. Moon’s paying the monthly visit. So, don’t argue, don’t ask too much questions, just don’t irritate us if you don’t want any eruption to happen.

6. Chocolates and sweet stuffs makes us happy :) Well, actually the chemicals and ingredients in them make us happy, so if you notice we’re being gloomy or quiet, buy us sweet stuffs please!

7. Girls tend to be quiet as a sign that you should pay us lots of attention. Don’t be quiet too. Cheer us up, make funny jokes, funny faces, anything!

8. You don’t have to spend so much on us, it’s already enough if you can show us your sincerity.

9. Don’t look at other girls when we’re around, hold our hands so that we know you only care about us.

10. Watch our favourite shows together, play the games we play, DON’T ever say the shows we watch are lame or boring, or the games we play are stupid. Stop being offensive and start being supportive.

So, there you have it boys. Few tips that can help you survive the 1st stage of a relationship :) Tested and proven!

p/s: There's always two sides of every story. Different people have different opinion and obviously different sex has different ways of interpreting the very definition of 'love'. Look what the guys have to say! Thanks, Eric! :)


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

adoi kelakar gila ;)

tapi aku setuju semuaaaa.

im not sure with number six. never think about it b4.must try it after this.hahaha.

Aezlika said...

6 is a MUST!!! try it...cuba jadi sad japs..emo2 and all..then gi makan cupcake or chocolates or cakes..mesti mood naik walaupun not totally ^^

Halfy said...

may i ask somethin... what about us? do u really understand us the boys? thank you.. =)

Aezlika said...

thats why i've been waiting for someone (or any guys) to reply on this a blog reply! so if u want, tell us about ur point of view :)

Halfy said...

hurm... from my point of view... mine ok.. i'm not sure about others... i'm not really like romantic thing... n even if i did, i juz do it 4 fun... not for the girl but, to satisfy myself... i never give flower cuz i allergy of their pollens, i do say sweet words sometime n about the chocs thing, i'll give it anytime i want, its up to me... i dont care about giving them if her sad or moody or whatsoever.. sory to say this. But if there outside really exist a man that used to be romantic or what u called... most of these people that i know actually used to be playboy. For me, i do hv a girl i like, i care of the most but, i'll do what i want to do but i always keep the border, i'm not doing what she want me to... all in all, its really hard to explain this by words, u really need to experience this ur self... thats all i think... =)

Aezlika said...

yeah i know and to me these are few things that we want, cuz i've experienced it myself and also observed everyone around me..doesnt mean you hafta do it, just that if u do, it'll make us happy and appreciated. i noe not everyone's the same but these things..cant be achieved when we're at a young age cuz we still dunno anything about me, its good enough to atleast care and understand about the opposite sex like...perhaps never ever disturb the guys during football match or be jealous unnecessarily :)

Halfy said...

haha... but if u disturb me during footbal, i will really appreciate it cuz i hate football... by the way... thanks :D

ReEfEr said...

Well number one is quite obvious as honesty is the base in any relationship. I learn that it is impossible to not make a girl cry. There will be times where guys will make girls cry but it doesnt mean that we dont love you. It may be just because a small misunderstanding or maybe girls take it too seriously and that often quite frequently. One thing I feel strongly about, it is very immature for a girl to ask for a break up just because of a small thing even if the girl did not mean it. After all we are no longer young teenagers.

Aezlika said...

hello you! :) i noe that asking for break up is immature..but love make us everything we're not..make us blind..deaf..mute..cant think straight..that's supposed to be in the sure as time goes by, the feeling, trust, and understanding have been developed this childish act will be gone by then :)

Eric Lee said...

LOL...why don't just openly state that you waiting for my reply...I was just waiting for this post before coming out with my part 2....tonight i will post it..just u wait..LOL btw link me back pls...T.T

Eric Lee said...

here's my reply..hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoy your post..haha

Aezlika said...

thanks eric for ur reply! such an eye opener ^^

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