Too much curry, ma


Just finished my nestum chicken. Too much egg this time, I think. Well, come over to Nottingham University (Malaysia campus ok!!) and I'll belanja, but you'll pay :P

Anyways, today is a hot hot day, even at night. Maybe I should shower soon, hmmm. Today I was up, in the a.m (12 ain't a.m anymore that's why I was happy to wake up early) but 15 minutes too late for class. It's the fierce one that's teaching this time so I thought of sneaking in during break . BUT there was no break given, she finished it all in an hour and a half. I was so determined, was so gonna stop the 'all talk, no action' routine. Guess I failed. Tomorrow still got tutorial, so yeah not gonna skip that one! Next week's the final week before we're having our study break. Need to start the other 2 assignments ASAP! All talk and no play, makes me a dull one but I've been playing all semester. Time to stop procrastinating.

I'm color-deprived. Ever since, baby Vaio's screen turned white, I gotta use this external monitor. Now I can only see blue and yellow. Stalking others and looking at their pictures aint fun anymore. Their lips look either black or dark blue, very the gothic. Even little kids look that way. Color plays a major role in our life, the more the colour, the happier we are. As for me, that's why I got so blue and this cough is celebrating for me lazying around.

Of heels and shoes from the annual dinner, how I miss you :,)

I'll enjoy being a stalker after sending Vaio to the hospital next month!

Oh, I almost forgot why I wanted to make an entry today.
We know no one's perfect. Everyone changes from time to time, sometimes for better and sometimes for the worst. In the past years, even though I'm always acting like a child - it's because I'm young at heart :P For those that's still holding on to the past and not changing for their own good, I pity you. You're so stuck, you refuse to let go and let your ego takes over. I've learned from the past, and won't allow history to repeat itself. So, why are you being so bitter? Let go, let go. Karma's always a bitch.

p/s: too much curry, ma = too much karma

pp/s: someone just shouted "LET IT GO!". oh wow, maybe there's a fight out there, ngehs


nn said...

haha. i thot ure gonna write about curry. hahaha (i just ate curry btw)

kesiannya your laptop. my laptop also got the same problem sometimes.

Aezlika said...

haha, i makan curry weekends je, my mum always bring me to mamaks muak T__T

ehh lappy u jadi white screen gak ke..then ok balik? mine cam da forever tak ok huhu

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

lol cuuryma! ;)

aih ur vaio tak betul lagi ker?

aezlika said...

blum babe, plan nak antar january of sumthing..or after i'm done w my eseimens huhu

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