I just wanna be okay


I'm back! I will try to update weekly from now on (rather than daily cuz my life isn't interesting enough for you to read). Say awwww! Hahaha. Oh well, finals over yesterday. Tomorrow, is a brand new day! Of second semester *heart break*. Yeah, no semester break for Nottingham students. Azam baru yaw? Study smart not hard ok. These past few weeks I've been studying sooooo hard and the outcome was shet. No more playing around, Aez. You're in your 2nd year where your results will be taken for the final transcript. Huhu.

p/s: somebody teach me french pls? it sounds super adorable and romantic liedat <3


adora|BELLE said...

my classmate, maddy speaks french. :)

aez said...

suruh dia speak french..mesti u cair! haha

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