2010's to-do list


As of year 2010, I will...
  1. Upload a video on youtube/facebook.
  2. Have a conversation with a stranger.
  3. Run a marathon.
  4. Visit an art museum.
  5. Learn to commit.
  6. Enjoy the outdoors.
  7. High five the person next to me.
  8. Tell him that I like/love him.
  9. Let go.
  10. Solve a rubic's cube.
  11. Take more photos.
  12. Jog.
  13. Eat more fruit.
  14. Be happy and healthy.
  15. Take more chances.
  16. Start acting my age.
  17. Watch a movie in 3D.
  18. Find Mr Right.
  19. Bake cookies from scratch.
  20. Love.


HenRy LeE ® said...

ur to do list is so cool :p

aez said...

i choose it from a generator :D another one to be added to the list, buy korkor's camera! weee~ if sempat that is hmmm

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