My date for Valentine's day ;)


Oh wait, I don't have any. Be mine, anyone? Hehe. Anyways, just wanna update something since the start of a new semester.

1. Week 1, was like hell yeah eager to start studying and score kononnya, just to find out the lecturer could've been better..and less boring. Yes, could have been.

2. Got a big bruise from futsal. Yeay, playing futsal now :)

3. Playing for sport's week! Yeay again!

4. Got another injury, first time for a bleeding knee. And both knees got bruises. Finally, I'm living life. Haha.

5. Never ever put an alcohol swab on an open wound, if you don't know it's gonna hurt, LIKE HELL. Seriously.


HenRy LeE ® said...

haha... yeah should not put the alcohol swab... take care mei2 :)

nn said...

i dont have a date on vday too :)

Eric Lee said...

long time never visit ur blog...LOL I'll be ur valentine then? XD hahahaha valentine can be with ur parents and friends...after is a day for your loved ones...

aez said...

henry: i didnt know its gonna hurt..jerit like mad already haha

nn: same ere babe..single's awareness day then! hehe

eric: my virtual valentine..haha..celebrate with ourself b4 loving others :D

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

ouuch. heh didnt tel me ya playin futsal.! great!!

Aezlika said...

love futsal! cuma da lama x main..and bila main balik..sgt gian mau lagi haha..jom main?

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