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Sometimes I wonder, why does going on9 feel so boring lately. Then, I realised it's because I've stopped blogging (before having this blog). I mean, as a blogger there are many things to do. You create new post, read other people's blog, search for information, find stuffs for your blog. Hang out at the innit chatbox (Nuffnang). Edit, create, etc. Yup, and you can spend hours just by doing all these things. Non-bloggers spend their surfing time mostly on Facebook or maybe play games.


List of things to do online (from my point of view):

since Nick doesn't agree with me :(

1. Play online games
I think I can pass as a gamer. Seriously! I love to grind and kill monsters but sometimes I feel like a noob for not knowing the basics of the games. Sobs. My all-time favourite is Flyff. Why Flyff? Because the characters are so effing cute, there are many jobs that you can choose from, many awesome weapons and suits to wear as you level up. Of course, to get the best stuff you gotta buy it with cash. I must say, the strongest one is also the richest. So, it's kind of not fair to others.
Meet Peitho, my blade. She is lvl 71 but now I'm too busy to play :(

Don't mind my money. I keep them in the bank for safety purposes ^^ It's Halloween season, I wonder what event is coming up. Flyff always update their event weekly. Where sometimes you can earn more exp or get awesome drops and etc. I did a brief survey and found out that for the age of gamers in this game is from 9-20. Those that I know, and I know a few Malaysians who are way older than that. Small kids start playing at very young age, just WOW.

2. Read comics
I don't read manga online. Animes, I watch it on Animax if I have time. Oh, yes. I love animes too. God, save our king! is the best ever. Also known as Kyou Kara Maoh. Wolfram makes me drool *__*
Omg, out of topic already. Ok, ok. About comics, I read those that usually updates daily. Or every 2 days. Some of them are at the left side of my blog, click on their links.

For those who haven't read the comics before also can spend time reading the previous entries. It'll take up to a few days to finish them all. So, yeah. Another way to spend time online. WITHOUT doing naughty stuffs, of course.

3. Find ways to lose weight

Maybe that's just me. Haha. But seriously, I want to lose weight. Can't sit back and sleep off my dilemma hoping to become slim overnight, can I? I wish it's that simple.

This is the site that I visit to find info. Sometimes I find it too much, cuz I can't digest all at once. So, step by step, lets lose weight! Fruits? Checked. Dumbbell? Checked. Jumping rope? Checked but I got no space to jump OMG HELP. Jogging? Uh, will check that tomorrow onwards. Do you have any suggestion of green tea? I'm looking for a yummy and trusted green tea. It increases your metabolism, you know. So, if you're drinking green tea and thinks it's yummy, tell me!

4. Check mails
Typical thing to do online. Sometimes I forgot to check at all. But you should make it a habit, who knows you might win something. I got dozens of spam mails saying that I won a million dollars. Hahaha, yeah right. You think I'm that lucky to suddenly become millionaire, ah? Come to think of it, what if I response to the mail for fun? Haha who knows if it's for real O.O

5. Listen to songs/watch video
Here's my recommendations :)

Few of my fave. I love Gabe Bondoc the most! He is sooooo hot. I used to spend the whole day watching his videos. In love with his voice, damn he's so good!

6. Online shopping/window shopping
I want to shop online please! But then, I need credit card :( If only I have a sugar daddy to satisfy my online shopping need. Haha. One of many...

My dearest friend who's in UK now told me about this site. I simply love browsing through the clothes in here. It's like a guilty pleasure. Something that you want but you know that you can't have it. Well, one day I'll get my CC and all those thing will be mine. Muahahaha!

7. Update online
Using Facebook! What, don't tell me you never did that before? Heh, don't act innocent. We're all guilty. Facebook, less than 5 years it managed to turn everyone into becoming their zombies. What's with it that human can't live without? The status? "picking my nose naow~". The quizzes? I'm considerate enough not to publish the humiliating results. The games? Playfish's games are one of the best in FB. I used to love Pet Society and Restaurant City. Now, I rarely play games in there. So much commitment involved.

The new layout. Love it or hate it? Uh, probably hating it to the max because it's troublesome. Why must they changed the layout say, every month?

Twitter, another tool for updating your stuffs. It's nice to follow the artist and get to know their updates but some, eg: Miley Cyrus, she can't stop tweeting, can she? It's flooding my Twitter. Rumor has it she's not gonna update about her life that often anymore so that she can enjoy it more. Well, that's good news :)
8. Blog!
Even if you don't have, atleast blog hopping will surely fill your time. Don't forget to click on my Nuffnang ads! Lets exchange clicks! Hehe. Ok, what about blogging that is so addictive? To me, it's a medium for us to express ourselves or write about the things that we like. In the end, we'll feel heckalot better for expressing and letting everything out :)

Blogs can be personal, shopping blogs, self help and many more. I really want to make an online magazine but only God knows how hard it is to do so. So, I shall bury that dream for the time being. If you're still bored after reading this post, come and join us at the Innit chatbox. We don't bite :B

p/s: It is known that to be a courteous blogger/bloghopper, one should leave comments after reading the post^^ Please and thank you :)



kenwooi said...

"find ways to lose weight"


Aezlika said...

not funny! atleast i dun break chair lor..haha XD

† Đ˜ICHOLAS † said...

hmmm... some i find it not so true 0_0 maybe ... im not a gal ? :P


it can at last

Aezlika said...

haha oh yeah *editing* on my point of view! haha

Eric Lee said...

er....where's msn???? haha dropping from innit

Aezlika said...

haha omg yeah!! well, these are top thing that i think MOST people do maa..haha I seldom go msn XD


facebook ~ haha

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