Installing Shoutmix emoticon


5 easy steps to install emoticons!

1. Go to the ShoutMix website and sign in (or sign up if you don't have an account).

2. Click on the smiley option from the menu.

3. See that space (in blue)? Put in your image/emoticon link.

I got my emoticons from this website.

4. When you've uploaded all the emoticons (up to 10!), don't forget to save the settings okay!

5. It should appear on your chatbox already. Click '+' and tadaaaa~ Cute emoticons ^_^

p/s: Don't misuse the cute emoticons ok! Or else, you will become a little froggeh! >=)



kenwooi said...

nice guide!
but i'm using cbox.. =P

Aezlika said...

hehehe dis is my way of saying..use shoutmix! lol :P

cybernetic88 said...

gmbr diew comel2 la ltk. jeles ni. aha =P. nice toturial la =)

Aezlika said...

hehe ty :3

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