Learn to make mistakes


It's the weekend. Never a good time for a healthy diet (for me especially). I don't think I can ever eat healthily everytime I go back home. Reason: Mum always bring us out to mamak. (Mamak: A type of restaurant of Indian+Malay food in Malaysia). All those amount of oil and fats. Ughh, it makes me starve even more! On Thursday, I had Burger King for dinner. BURGER KING! Omg I feel terribly guilty. I promise not to eat burgers anymore! Not even french fries (that's the worst thing ever for dieting people). Yesterday, I had 5 chicken satay for dinner. AHHHH, so damn guilty.

To feel better, after dinner I bought green apples and Sustagen (similar to Vitagen). Both are less than 100 calories, uh each. Hope it's good for my small meals. Anyways, I found this website with the calorie table in it. Hope it'll help you too in losing weight :)

It's in bahasa, sorry if you can't understand it. I'll be more than happy to translate it for you. And here's another great link of snack worth 100 calories and below. It's been helpful to me, hope it'll be the same for you.

If you have any other tips you wanna share, feel free to drop off your comments here. After all, sharing is caring! I should renew my LWP excel sheet. Well, give room to make some mistakes in week 1. Learn your lesson and avoid repeating it ok. Yup, we should always think positive. That's the key to success! Yeay!



Kennee said...

Woots... Once awhile ok la.. ^^ Not say always... :P

Aezlika said...

once can make u feel guilty for long huwaaa T__T

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