Wake up, sleepy head!


There's always a solution(s) to every dilemma. I'm the type of person that rarely sleep in the evening (or take short naps) but ever since the new semester has started, I took rather loooong naps everyday. Why does my classes have to be in the morning and being so free in the evening makes me feel guilty :(

1. Eat
Eat if you're feeling hungry or tired. Usually, when we're hungry we'll feel weak which then leads to having long naps. Funny though because I can't sleep if I'm starving.

Chew gums in class to avoid being sleepy. This keeps the brain active and if you're always yawning, drink plenty of water.

2. Sleep
Sufficiently at night. 8 hours - optimum. If you have loads of assignments need to be done, do it earlier so that you can go to bed, early.

3. Brighten up your day
Don't you feel bored staying in a gloomy and dark room? It'll only make us wanna sleep MORE. But let me remind you of our purpose again. Don't sleep in the evening, so that we can do beneficial activities! Decorate your room, table, windows or whatever that can be decorated with pictures of family and friends or anything that looks vibrant and bright. This will surely make our eyes open all the time!

Oh no, my diapy!

4. Walk, walk, walk
Get up and walk around. Oh, I'm on diet so I'm gonna go to the cafe and buy fruits and walk some more to the computer lab (gotta do assignment!). See, this is how we should make use of our evenings :) Ohh, you can exercise or play sports too!

Brigthen up your day with funny jokes. Search for funny jokes or articles when you're on9. Not only it'll give you a good laugh, it'll always make you feel awake. Tell jokes to your friend or ask them to tell one, that works too.

Slouch when sitting. Chin off of table please. UP UP! Get up, stretch yourself and sit back (and relax, don't fall asleep!)

Have fun staying awake, loves!



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