LWP: Lose Weight Program


The MOST important thing I'm trying to do right now is to lose weight! Admitting that you're on a diet is never easy, you know. But I guess I am and hopefully it's a healthy one, of course. We should all avoid using slimming pills, injections or any type of fat-burning technology since

1)it's not permanent and
2)it will give bad effects in the long run.

So, right now I'm so excited and determined; did lots of research on the big web of ways to lose weight. Therefore the method I prefer to use right now is to eat less. As the saying goes, less is more :)

Look how determined I am! Haha.

Used excel to record food intake. Just started today, of course!

Few tips to lose weight:

1. Eat in small quantities
Don't ever skip meals because it'll only make you feel fatigue and you'll end up eating more than you should. Try to eat slowly. This way, you'll be able to enjoy your meal while playing catch up with your friends. Remember that it's also good for the digestive system!

2. Eat 5-6 small meal everyday
Small meals (small quantity). This can easily be achieved by using smaller plates so you won't have the chance to stuff everything on your plate.

Try to avoid rice. Rice is high in carbohydrate, definitely not a small meal. If you really really REALLY need to eat rice, try eating 1/2 of the serving. Add lots of vegetable and some protein/lean meat/fish. Avoid fried and oily food.

Eat more fruits and vegetable! They're rich in fiber thus able to provide energy for your body. Cut down on white breads and try the fiber bread instead. I know it doesn't take good but trust me, the more you eat it, every single day, you'll become used to it in the end. Like I did! :D (mum doesn't buy white bread boohoo)

3. Drink water regularly
Drink lots of water please. 1 big cuppa H20 before meal will make your tummy full and loses your appetite (a bit, maybe). So, you won't be eating a lot! Not only water helps to cleanse the digestive system (bye bye toxins), it also plays a major role in giving us clean and healthy skin.

Avoid sugar, alcoholic drinks, replace coffee with green tea!, and to all Malaysian, say bye bye to your favourite Teh Tarik, ABC and Laicikang.

4. Exercise always
Don't be lazy. If it's only 2 floors up, use the stairs! The lift ain't gonna help you in losing weight, you know. Walk, walk and walk more. Or jog, either one is fine. Jogging makes you sweat, lose your baby fat and increases stamina. I'm so guilty for not jogging, yet!

Become best friends with dumbbells and skipping rope. If possible, try to get 5lbs - 15lbs dumbbells. 5lbs is around 2.27kg. I have a pair of 2kg (and my arms are crying in pain!) but it doesn't really matter actually. Buy whatever suits you and your ability.

5. Last but not least, sleep well!
Sleeping plays a vital role in losing weight as well. Avoid eating haeavy meals at night because the food will take atleast 6 hours to be digested and you don't wanna sleep with a full stomach, right? Tsk tsk.

Get yourself a goodnight sleep so that you won't be hungry staying up late at nite. Hard to fall asleep? Exercise or make yourself busy during the day. If you're tired, it'll be easier for you to fall asleep. Or maybe you should try getting the lavender aromatherapy that will help you relax and makes sleeping an easy task.

So, what's the conclusion?

Eat in small portions, 5-6 times a day. Fruits are also considered as light meal. Oh, haven't you heard? Green tea is good for our metabolism. If you have any suggestions of yummy and tasty green tea brand, do leave a comment here! Ok, that's all for today. My (Our) beauty sleep awaits :)



Liyanaa. said...

haha siap buat dlm excel. u dh slim dh nampak sihat slim kenapa nak knee diet jgk ni *jeles* hahaha

Aezlika said...

i manade slim dowh.tu pic 2 tahun lepas HAHA. sedara i sume tanya asal naik badan..menyampah i >.<

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