The attack of Facebook games


In this new era, the internet has become more than just a mean of gaining information. It has become something else, so big that people can spend hours sitting in front of the computer and neglect their daily chores, assignments, works, studies and etc. Some even forgot to eat, go to the toilet, forgot the date and even forgot to feed the pet. Or water the plants. This phenomena derived from a social networking website called Facebook. Recently Facebook has changed the layout and ALL OF US totally hated it. But did the layout changed to the previous one? No. Most of us are already used to it and will be until they decided to change the layout, again. Does the lousy layout makes the users stop using Facebook? Certainly not. It's not judged from its appearance but more for its applications. Users don't really spend hours stalking their crushes, commenting pictures, liking statuses or reading more about certain people's conversation (that's stalking!). The hours spent on Facebook is mostly on the games and applications that attract our interest. Facebook games are mainly the reason of sleeping at the most odd hour (for me).

Cafe World, a game produced by Zynga is one of the most played game with 28,707,412 (as of today) monthly active users. If you have played Restaurant City before, the first thing that'll come in mind is "Pfft, another restaurant game? Boring!". Yes, that was my reaction. My restaurant in RC was so overloaded with furnitures and stuffs, that moving them around in the big place became so tedious. They should have the "clear all" function for editing the restaurant. Back to CW, the game is more than just decorating or leveling up the menus. Here, you can actually do the work of a chef by choosing your own menu (more menus as you level up). EXP can be gain with each steps of cooking, cleaning and visiting your friends. So far, my favourite game in Facebook.

65,387,640 monthly active users, well that's a huge number. There are a few farm games in FB too, but so far I think this is one of the most easy to play game. It doesn't really take up your time if you have the proper machinery (for plowing, seeding, harvesting). I wasn't interested at all but many of my friends are playing this game, so I gave it a try. The interesting part of this game is you can show your creativity by designing and decorating your farm. Most high level players have decorated their farm awesomely that some of them can make eg: Hello Kitty by combining and arranging lots and lots of hay. Before starting the game, you might want to check your requests in case your friends have flooded it by sending chickens and cows for your farm. Do not delete them! You can save money by accepting all of them instead of buying.

What more can be fun than owning an inn? As an inn owner, you can decorate each of the rooms/floors and invite friends to stay over. You can also make your friends' guest happy by kissing them! In return, they'll reward you with exp and coins. Another simple yet addictive game. You don't have to check on your guest every hour, just according to their stay whether 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or 36 hours. Click on the garbage and visit friends to gain exp. In this game, it is very easy to gain coins and also easy to lose them as you will probably use all of it to decorate the rooms (more stuffs in the room increases the room 's price).

I've just started this game today. So far, I think it's a great game with a different approach. In Crazy Planets, you have to do missions to gain money. It's like a shooting/strategic game where you'll have to be able to kill the robots before they kill you. The more robots you kill, the more coins and metals you'll get, and then you can decorate your planet. Look at my planet, very nature-like, isn't it? I love it ^_^

Last but not least, a game that brings back memories...

Turn on the speaker or put on your earphones and guess the song that is played. For you music lovers out there, this game will surely bring back memories of the songs that you used to listen years ago. I adore this game because I got the chance to download the songs that have always been lurking in my head. Lurking sounds...evil. Give it a try, you'll be humming before you know it :)

So, what's YOUR favourite game in Facebook?
Leave a comment and we'll see if it's as good as you claim.


kenwooi said...

i dont play FB games..
no addiction then.. =P

Aezlika said...

u shud try atleast one :P try crazy planets! no addiction but fun! lol

Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

I stopped all games haha, the last game I played was Rock Legends!

Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...
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░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

perg aku rase aku same dgn kenwooi!


ko ni memang kaki game dohh bile ko nak jadi dewasa ni..g la main dam kat bawah pokok ru kee

Tzy Wen said...

used to play airline manager. I even created a db ( for the routes of the game :P

aezlika said...

ariff: lol gonna try that!

neo: ah, best la..mengisi masa lapang

tzy wen: airline manager? lol another try~

nn said...

i was addicted to rock legends and fluff friends.

im currently playing FV and CW and happy aquarium. fishes there are cuter than in fishville. :p

Aezlika said...


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