Fear of Papa Roach


Fear is the devil's game. Its only purpose is to scare the hell out of you. Some might be scared of height and others might be scared of....cats.Yup, you read it right. How can you be afraid of a cat? I mean, they're totally harmless (only applicable to domestic cats). Not like they can fire poisonous needles from their fluffy fur. I have a list of phobias too. Well, everyone does - deny it and your worst nightmare will haunt you tonight. Everyone's afraid of God (like duh!), add darkness to that list (only when the electricity's out). Another thing that I fear the most is....
a creature, small in size but can make me jump up and down, screaming for help. Especially those that can fly. I mean, it's bad enough if they exist, now they can fly too? Take cover! I bet you know what I'm talking about.

This baby thing. It's so gross and icky and eww and ughhh, I can't even look at the picture now. Even taking a snapshot of it makes me shiver. What if it's still alive! Can't they die peacefully without laying on their back? In bahasa, I would say, "mati terkangkang". Dude, that's so obscene. Just because you're an icky insect that scares every girls (and boys), doesn't mean you can die in the most undignified way. Atleast, cross your legs a bit. Mum told me to throw it into the toilet bowl. Haha, you're kidding me right? *took a paper, tried to scrape it off from the floor, pokepoke butt...EWWWW*

It's official. When it comes to roaches, I can be super brave spraying them to death but...who's willing to throw them away for me? For the rest of my life :D Yeah, another trait to find in Mr.Right - NOT AFRAID OF ROACHES...and LIZARDS!


CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

And it would be nice to find dudes who are not scared of cockroaches like my dad :D
Haha. And cute picture! :)

Aezlika said...

not cute at all! haha i feel like puking xD yeah prince charming shud be brave, not scared of any animals, insects and stuffs! haha

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

ko ade tgk tak dulu aku post sal aku benci lipas? hahahahahahahah cube ko search lam blog aku wehhhh giler ar..aku nak sembur pon tak berani..sape lak nak tulun angkat.
oh btw, en. V aku pon takot lipas? you imagine. sok bila da kawen..bila jumpa lipas dua2 lari cam kene keja hantu dalam bilik hahahahahahaha

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