In love again!


S10-2 Designer cover

Who wouldn't? I know, I know, there's always the decals/stickers. I rather not abuse my laptop with those things. Eg: I've my darling Vaio for almost 3 years now, do I dare to stick it with cool and awesome stickers? No. Cuz then who would ever know its a Vaio? LOL. Anyways. A netbook from Lenovo. I can SO imagine myself, sipping coffee at Starbucks, going online and blogging with this baby. But then again, I don't drink coffee. Boo coffee, BOO! I love the doodled one. Even the keypads are doodled! New love found :)

p/s: It's called a netbook for a reason so lets exclude the specs ^^


Kelvin said...

The design looks nice though i won't do tat to my laptop:)

aez said...

haha me too..i rather buy those that come with a designer cover..i liked dell's stripey lappy..but this one looks cuter!! dis one not sticker wen touch the surface also feels so good xD

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

waaa. so eye catchy.
i also want.
the doodles one look nice :D

nn said...

i love coffee. and d desingns are cute! want one too :DD

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