Mystery solved: Tilt shift


Photo from Stock.Xchng; edited with Photoscape
(click on the mountains to find the sheeps!)

I'm always awed by 'miniature-looking' photographs. I mean, wow to get that effect probably needs a super lens huh? Made me even more excited to own a dslr. Recently, I've just installed Photoscape (call me slow,bluek!) which actually is super duper awesome and fun! Now I know how those people edit their photos. I mean, I love Adobe Photoshop but how did they do that?! Haha. Dumdeedum, msytery solved. There's also a fake tilt-shift filter function in Photoscape, I like! Miniature houses!

Few examples of tilt shift photography from Smashing Magazine~

Q: How to differentiate tilt shift photographs and fake ones? *Hmmm*


kenwooi said...

haha.. interesting..
now i know this technique!
thanks for sharing =)

Aezlika said...

now i noe what it's called XD

HenRy LeE ® said...

lol... anyway it's hard to know which is real or fake since the photoshoping skills are very good nowadays~

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

great idea, unik plak tu. y not u do some of those mini things for me ;)
aku nak letak lam bilik.

pemandangan air terjun yang banyak ikan.

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