The fail whale


via agent-x

I've never seen the fail whale before. Simply put, I've never experience the error page of Twitter since I rarely log into the webpage. All of my twitter updates are via Echofon (was once known as TwitterFox). Aww, I pity the whale for being the symbol of failure and what's up with the hash tags? I wonder who started it first. It's abusive, seriously. And too much updates are just...annoying.

FYI, twitter is like a micro blog, that enables the users to send their updates and read others' as well. Not a chatbox, please. Ah, as long as it doesn't flood my Echofon, I don't really care. Don't you feel like unfollowing someone just because all the 100 updates that you were eager to read...was from the same person? Twitter needs to be neaten up. How? I don't know, just want it to be neater!

p/s: I've nothing against it. I love twitter with all my heart :)



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