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Pastel Parlour presents the Monday Mumbles! Yeaaaay! Just because I have nothing better to do. SOBS. Anyways, like always, yours truly had a lab session today. Solid liquid extraction. I had the pictures and videos earlier BUT...when I wanted to transfer all, I accidently delete it. You know how long it took me to finish up the lab? 2 friggin hours! Was forced to wait and wait AND WAIT. Ugh, if you hate waiting, trust me. Never ever take up chemical engineering. Seriously. Btw, wanna know my top 3 things that I need to waste my money on now? Read more incase you're curious :P

1. Nikon D60
I know everyone outside of KLCC, near the fountain there, uses DSLR. I mean, practically everyone has it now. Be it adults, young adults, or little kids. I used to think that to own and actually be a DSLR user (professionally not just for camwhoring) is very cool. I guess everyone else thought the same thing, so they just had to get one! Most youngsters are lucky to have great parents who're willing to cough up the money and buy it for their lil ones. My parents? Nah, I think I'm old enough to get things on my own. Slowly, though. That's why I think D60 will be a good companion for a newbie (not NOOB!) like me and hope it won't be so cold on the kaching side. I've surveyed a few places. My budget is around RM1500 to RM1700. Good condition, of course. If you know any, inform me pretty please :)

2. Yves Rocher

I just wanna get any of their product. They're supposed to be a good brand like Origin and Body Shop right? Supposedly made from plants and so on. They even have a botanical garden called Jardin botanique Yves Rocher de La Gacilly (I say: jardinbotanikyesrosherdilagasili) correct meh? Anyways, back to the topic. I've used their skincare before. Uhm, I dunno what to say because I often change my skincare product. But I like their facewash though because it has this tiny microbeads that acts like a scrub. I need to go to their shop now and basically get..uh..whatever that I need. Which is probably, everything.

3. PSP

Oh, yes! Definitely a PSP! I've been wanting a playstation ever since I was in standard 6. That was like, 8 years ago man! I asked mum to get me a PSP if I get straight As for my UPSR. Which I did, 5 pretty As sitting on a bunch of papers. But still no playstation. Devastated and made my rebellious act like always. Till now mum won't let me have it cuz she says that I'll play all day long and won't study. Hm, maybe true. But I still want it!!! SOBS. Not the new PSP la, that one looks a bit ugly and bulky :S

So, the week has just started. In my calender, this is the 7th week of my academic year. 5 more weeks left until finals. After that, another 3 solid months of lectures, then 4 months holiday! AGAIN! This is why you hafta join my university :)


Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

i also own a D60 but since there are new model now D3000, i guess you better save a little more then get that model..RM2300

Aezlika said...

whats the diff? but if too high tech..im scared i wont get used to it..

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