Happy Birthday, Cuppycake!!!


OMG I (almost) miss the post for 26th of November cuz I was practically dragging around Baby Vaio to 2 shops to check out what's her problem. Both of the shops unfortunately didn't managed to synchronize my lappy with the external monitor. If the LCD is faulty, then it'll cost me about RM700 to get it fix plus a week of its absence. I can't posibbly be parted with my lappy for God's sake :(

But, like always I try to mend things, plugged in and sync the lappy with the external monitor at home. Voila. Awesomesauce! How come they couldn't do it? HAHAHA, I feel super. The screen is awesomely large, gotta get used to it for awhile. Now I will have to use 2 sockets for the laptop's charger and monitor, then tolerate with the blue screen. Can I change this blue screeeeen...it's so blue and my blog looks ugly in it T____T

Anyway, I'm glad I can use this external monitor (thank God for flatscreens). YEAAAAAY. Now, shall think about repairing it after exams. Oh, before I go, just a simple shout out for my dearest blogger friend...

 May your day be filled with awesome goodness and fun fun fun!


p/s: uh, I dunno what's the color of this thing..the screen's only blue XD


HenRy LeE ® said...

LOl... No wonder i didn't see u update the whole day.. busy with ur baby vaio pula.. haha

Aezlika said...

hehe when i realised there's no post for 26th..it was already 11.56..so i rushed and get the external monitor haha..w/o lappy im likely to play pokemon in my hp HAHA

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

hahah nevermind, ur layout also blue laaa not much different with ur blue screen hhohoho

aezlika said...

lots of diff! i see red hearts as blue hearts!! :(

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

OMG! I am sooo blur i didnt realise you wished me happy birthday on one of ur post. Hehe.
Thank you aez!
Hugs and kisses :DD
You made my day.

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