On hiatus because final exam starts on the 11th. 4 papers to sit for, 2 more weeks. Ganbatte! I went back to my mum's hometown in Muar, Johor last Thursday to attend my cousin's wedding which was on Saturday. Hohum, go back so early, to help out before and during the big day. Wanted to transfer the pictures but then the battery is empty. No charger, (still) no lappy, no memory card thingy blablabla. Tomorrow lah I'll post the pics. Anyways, have y'all watch Avatar? I wanna watch! Come accompany me :)

I know it's good :3 but being in a so-called-study-mode..makes me feel guilty to go out and enjoy..tralalala.


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

aku ingat ko da tgk..aritu sis aku belanja da tgk avatar...kat JJ cheras jer..sory da tgk dulu

aez said...

alaaaaaaaaaaaa wuwuwuwuwu ingat nak tgk ngan kau..huhu

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