The last day of oh-nine


Hello. Today's the last day of 2009. Current mood: ughh, tummy ache. Okays, anyway...this year has taught me to be friendly and warm-hearted and caring and loving :)

(BRB tummy aches real bad)

OK.back! I'm not sure if I've fulfilled this year's resolution. Heck, I can't even remember what were my resolutions. Heh, so for dearest 2010, I decided to keep it simple and achievable. Sounds good enough, right?

1. To spend wisely, save up monthly and stop buying unnecessary stuffs.

2. To spend more time with friends and family, reconnect the bonds from where it was left. Reconnect with old friends, visit the old school.

3. Study smart, stop skipping classes, be more organised. Use books, instead of papers. Be ORGANISED!

4. Stop being emotional.

5. Be nice to others, don't judge them without knowing them.

Ok, that's all for now. Shall be adding more to the list. At least, these are manageable, I guess.

Here comes December photos!

Batting was fun! RM3 on Wednesdays! :D

The old gang from high school.

Toilet pic is a must ;)

I loike this pic :3

Cousin's wedding

The yummy cake

Zara the niece, so comel I wanna bite her!

That's all for '09.
New year comes with new responsibility.
My aim? 1st class please, insyaallah :)


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