Gimme a pep talk please!


One more month til its time for final exam. To tell you the truth, I'm hell yeah NOT prepared. Seriously. I think the amount of classes that I've been skipping (uh, massive headaches ok!) is far way less than last year. But why do I feel like I've learn nothing? Ok, nothing might be an exaggeration, but still, I feel...stupid T_____T Yeah, that's the word. I constantly keep asking for help and sometimes, I don't feel like asking anymore cuz I'm embarrassed to be such a fool T_____T

There's always a will, and what's the other one...uhm yeah, determination. Where's my will and determination this year? Please come back. You know I gotta achieve more than I could possibly imagine to keep the loan low (sobbb). Will, I know you're in me, somewhere. Ughhh, looks like I gotta give myself a pep talk. I need you dear Will, to go on through this journey, we gotta endure it together! Determination, help me achieve my goal! 

I read the Fullmetal Alchemist manga the whole day yesterday (now I've finished 101 chapters in just 2 days OMG =.=), and I got sick. Like really sick, tummy aches so badly, I think I was having diarrhea, then I feel as if there's no oxygen to breathe. I feel like fainting, passing out, dying. I've been such a lazy kid...lazy lazy kid. But I know if I'm interested in something, I'll give my all to know everything about it. Like DSLR. Not gonna aim for that this year I guess, cuz my education comes first (yeay, determination!) 
How to stop procrastinating? Hmmm :,(


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