Where did it go?


My 'just bought Dorothy Perkins like 2days before birthday top oh wait maybe it's a tunic', fml. I remember bringing it back here, in my room, Nottingham (Malaysia campus la wei). It's still in the bag, tak basuh lagi LOL cuz I like the smell of new clothes. You know, cuz they've been in the air-conditioned shop for so long, they smell new and sejuk. Where oh where is it? Am gonna cry now if I can't find it T___________T

What makes me suddenly think of it? Cuz I was browsing through their online shop and suddenly got the "wait a minute I just bought something the other day" feeling. And oh, it's been a while since I set foot in a mall. A proper mall with lots of shop (Amcorp Mall for the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales seriously doesn't count). I still have the 20% birthday discount for Dorothy Perkins *smiles wide*. And oh, wanna check out Crocs if this baby has arrived (uh yeah, the screen's still blue, so I assume they're black and white, eh?).

p/s: S, why'd you have to go with Tripp? Kesian Nate :(


adora|BELLE said...

i tak suka S dgn tripp!
let's get serenate back!

Aezlika said...

yup!! tripperena or stripp lol..dah mmg cannot be together!! ughhh why must tripp kacau daun :(

naju' said...

omg!!! is it for real thats gonna be from crocs??? auwwww, fab one

Aezlika said...

yuuuup..kat crocs.com..i da nampak da their flats ceni..tp this one lom nmpk lagi T__T but then again...not every crocs nyer branch is the same..so kena jln2 la nampaknya ngeee

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

aku nak wehh ;(

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