Hello, and goodbye


Sorry I missed yesterday's post. I think baby V's finally dead. *whisper* I accidently dropped her last night. But it wasn't from a high place! Probably about 5 cm, or 10 :( Turned it on today but she's on showing anything on the external monitor. Maybe the wires aren't properly connected but then, I sort of lost hope. Too pressured because I have yet to finish my last part for 1 out of 3 assignments. I'm using my sister's laptop at the moment, feel like going back to the university tomorrow to finish up my work. No mood for the weekend.

No mood at all because I'm losing my mind. Like I always do when I...ah, forget it. I wasn't even doing this post whole-heartedly. I almost forgot that I'm doing this right now. Anyways, I fall real hard for nice fellas. So stop being nice to me please, cuz it's hard to get it out of my mind T__________T

p/s: if u noe what I'm talking about, especially neo, sila jauhkan diri anda daripada membocorkan apape disini, sekian :)


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

XOXO, yang penting send my hello to mr. **** argh aku nak mimpi dia mlm ni.

oh 10 cm je ? Aku dari stool jatuh ke lantai, blue skrin kejap, then ok je balik, tapi till now my lappy cam biol sket. takpe asalkan leh blogging. heh.

Aezlika said...


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

husshh! malu laaa

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