How to be both man and woman


It's not wrong to fall for a nice person, just don't fall for everyone who's nice to you. Even strangers can be nice if they knew your weakness. Just because they're nice doesn't mean their intentions are always like that. Man and woman, both have brain and heart. To think logically and to feel emotions. If you're falling hard, listen to the brain. The heart might just wound your feelings. Don't be over optimistic with your emotions because love starts with falling, and ends with where you land-either on a hard ground or cloud 9. Only fools fall on cloud 9. The smart ones withdraw from the battle like a man, hit the effing hard ground and cry out loud like a little girl for the pain he/she feels. This is how we can be both man and woman. It hurts to finally realise all those feelings are just temporary but the sooner you get over it, the better it'll be.

I do fall for nice fellas. So, I can say I've fallen for most of my guy friends. Different is, I get over them easily cuz their flaws are easy to spot. Still, they're the best friends anyone could ask for :)


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

jeng jeng jeng. heh ape ko merepek ni? and woman at a same time? hurm interesting ;)

eh eh kem salam ... hehehe..

aez said...

aku mau melupakan..shhhhh :P

nn said...

I can say I've fallen for one of my guy friends. it took me a year to get over him. tak suka! :(

and rite now im crushing on another friend. the different is he's not in the same uni or course so, it'll be easier to move on if nothing happens. haha

aez said...

nn: oh well, lain uni its ok :) but mine is here under one roof..nak suruh dorg shuuuh pun susah lol. so just gotta live w it ngehs

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