Remember me?


I hope you haven't forgotten me! I know I've been away for awhile, but that doesn't mean I've totally forgotten about you! Assignments, I've typed this word oh so many times in here, muak dah ok. Well, it's pay back time for being a lazy kid. Kids, when you're finally in college, never ever skip any classes! It's important to get every single drop of knowledge so that you'll understand everything.

I feel like smashing the keyboard, tak makan saman (read: bloody fool). Oh, I've been in the computer lab every night now because my lappy is in the lappytal. Hopefully she'll be ok soon. Tiscra (the computer lab) is so empty right now. Usually it's full with people doing their assignments. I guess after 4.30 pm today, they've all declared 'merdeka' and probably enjoying their study break now. As for me, I still have an assignment due Monday, gonna be stuck here in Semenyih probably the entire 3 weeks of study break, what else! Today's the start of the soon to be gila boring study break. Computer lab is my bestfriend now. I feel so...lifeless being here every night, playing tetris HAHA. Macam loser, sigh. Where's everyone?! Why am I the one stressing out?! Help :(

I wanna go to the annual dinner next year, pretty please? :D


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

macam kesian je aku tgk ko ni? haaa tetris? kunooo!!!

aez said...

ahem bet my scores beeyaaatchhh haha :P i miss u too, snang je ucap ni kan neeooo!

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