Ohai December


I have zero tolerance towards negative-minded people. I mean, for goodness sake, stop whining about yourself and if you haven't noticed, there are thousands out there wishing to be in your place. Be thankful that you're properly fed and entertained. I know that some people can feel terribly down and lost hope especially when they have a sickness that human kind have yet to discover its cure. Well, I'm out of words to share but this.

Stop complaining that we don't love you, because we most definitely do. Just that your negativity has got you blinded. It's only when you have learn to appreciate yourself, then only you can see how much we appreciate and love you. I'm can be very optimistic when I have to deal with this kind of situation and at the same time pessimistic just to remind you that life isn't a fairy tale.

Oh my, December's finally here. Sorry to have greeted you in this manner, sick and slimey.


HenRy LeE ® said...

Well, sometimes to love others there are more than just loving urself but that's the 1st step to love others :)

Aezlika said...

teehehe..but this friend of mine keep saying that he's useless..no body loves him..always think negative until i aso feel very annoyed..atleast if he try to love himself 1st and appreciate what he has..den maybe others can enjoy seeing him happy rather than listening to him asking us to pray so he die faster >.<

crazy right :S

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...


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