I'm a Gleek!


L- Quinn R- Finn
from Glee

Not much to update today because being sick is the worst feeling ever. I think I might as well get that jab so that I won't fall ill again in atleast 1 year. Ah, the duo from Glee. I love the other guy (that made Quinn pregnant) but then I realised that Finn is such a sweetie. He might like the star of Glee Club (which is Rachel) but he loves Quinn with all his heart and yeah, too good to be true I know. What am I mumbling about. Ah, sick kid gotta go shower and rest. Go watch Glee! They're really talented (in singing especially). So NOT HSM ok! That's an insult ;'(


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

ta pernah tgk. ta pernah tau. cis mcm katak bwh tempurung ke aku ni

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