Random shits about sickies


Sickies are sick people, like me! I'm having *coughcough* *snort* and uhm yeah that's all. No fever I guess. Only in the morning when I wake up, the temperature will be slightly higher because I haven't bathe LOL.

Okay. Random shits, pardon my word because I think no amount of filter can save you from real world :)

1. Sickies wake up, heavy-headed. Then feels as though the sickness getting worst "Ooooohmaaaigoood..can't wake up, head spinning round and round, uhhh wats the time? Ahhh, late for class..."*zzzzzz*.

2. Then become lazy especially after eating cough syrup that's supposedly giving the drowsy effect "Ohhhh gotta lie down, can't do work if I'm sleeeepy..." *zzzzzzzz*

3. Sickies become bloated after eating pills, 3 kinds of pills, 2 tablets each. Even the big bottle of H2O is not enough for the whole day.

4. In class, I got really determined to study so that I won't lose any vital information. But after the 2nd period, "Ahhhh, head is like a rock ar, so heavy....better go to the toilet..." Yeah, blow blow sneeze sneeze achoo!

5. Suddenly found out that I got a meeting to hand in my materials for the report *whaaaaa, sickie can't come* Yeahhh, so better finish it up now and give it to them tomorrow!

You know, being sick isn't cool. Stay away from sick people. Don't eat their food, don't drink their drinks *stingy bluek* or else you'll feel terribly sick like me. Coughing non-stop is so tiring, much more tiring than running yaw. Drink lots of water, dummie! Byes!

p/s: Random post because I need to keep my mind active so I can concentrate on my report...zzzzzzz..uh, what..why am I here.. T__T


pying said...

get well soon:)

nn said...

so many things to do ey? get well soon :)

Aezlika said...

thanks..i feel so loved >.<

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

do not come to class! dont spread your sickies to others! geee ha! get well soon darls~

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